Looking to keep your car in tip top running order?

Here at RJC Autos we can offer 3 levels if service to suit your requirements:

Please call to discuss your particular requirements.

General: 01983 402988


Basic Service

Service Level 1

Level 1: Oil & Filter Service

As the name suggests, we will treat your car to a new oil filter and fresh oil to manufacturers specification.

Prices start from just £29

Full Service

Service Level 3

New filters, fresh oil, fuel filter, spark plugs (petrol engine) brakes and tyres checked, all lights checked, windscreen wipers checked, all fluids checked and topped up, all locks and hinges checked and lubricated. Prices start from just £139.

Prices start from just £139.

Interim Service

Service Level 2

Oil and Filter, Air filter and Cabin/Pollen filter.

New filters, fresh oil to manufacturers specification and all fluid levels checked and topped up where necessary.

Prices start from just £69.